Experience include mainly working within multidisciplinary product teams either onsite or remotely. I enjoy learning from other perspectives and multidisciplinary attack on a problem. However not shying away from design peers. During my collaboration with FJORD team was comprised of 8 designers working on 2-3 project streams in paralel.

Through my 6+ years of professional career as UX/UI designer I’ve cooperated with trusted brands.


Product Designer, 02/2019 - Present
Currently working on a redesign of the AI-driven marketing platform, with a focus on reframing the interaction layer to improve user's mental models how to effectively manage campaigns.


UX Design Lead (3 months remotely), 06/2019 - 08/2019
Hotailors is award-winning app streamlines administration of business travels and decreases costs per employee's trip within SME and Enterprise organizations, by providing a single interface for managing transportation, accommodation, and insurance.

As a Design Lead, I've lead a workshop for understanding the system interdependencies, educating client about the UX best practices, mentoring junior UI designer by translating stated problems and overlooking deliverables, formulating navigation patterns and creating application structure diagrams to bring clarity to multiple departments.


UX/UI Designer, Feb 2016 - Oct 2018
The fastest and most convenient way to book tickets to London's prestigious theaters in the famous West End. Second world biggest theatre industry. I've played a role of a single designer responsible for a redesign of a ticket booking website. Completely redesigned interface serves 0.7M+ users/monthly.

Skoda Auto / FJORD

UX/UI Designer (6 months remotely), 09/2014 - 01/2016
Skoda Auto chose Fjord as its digital partner on many strategic initiatives across Skoda’s European markets. Redesign followed a modular approach first, for flexible content management in order to correspond with the diverse market needs of 90+ countries.

My role of an UX/UI designer required to work in the multifunctional team to deliver designs of various web and mobile applications and complex responsive websites. I've participated in various activities from concept creation to the final delivery.

Processes and Deliverables

Through various stages of the project and phases of the product, I use different tools to structure the conversation, map the system, formulate hypothesis and propose solutions. Various visual thing tools enable me to move through levels of abstraction to understand, develop and communicate design implications. Below is my standard multistep process to safely progress down these levels. Some steps might be omitted if the decisions on that level are deterministic.

  • Discovery, Scoping and Problem Definition
    Usability testing
    Stakeholder Workshop
    Concept Map and Model
    Data Analysis
  • Synthesis, Evaluation and Communication
    Interaction Modelling
    UI Design
  • Artifacts and Assets
    Concept Map and Model
    Information Architecture
    Flow Map (user Journey)
    Figma prototype
  • Tools
    Marker and Paper/Whiteboard
    Postman (Data analysis)                          

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